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Jesmonite® Flexiguard Sealer (For AC730, AC830)


Size: 1ltr
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Flexiguard Sealer is a solvent-free, stain-resistant formula specifically designed to coat porous substrates such as Jesmonite AC730 and AC830. Once applied, a protective layer less than 100-nm thick bonds with the inner pores of the substrate to leave a smooth, anti-stain, non-discolouring surface layer.
The coating is optically clear, UV stable, chemically inert and extremely durable, having both hydrophobic and oleophobic capabilities. It will not peel or flake and is unaffected by extremes of temperatures from -20°C to +350°C. Flexiguard offers protection against efflorescence, embedded and ingrained soiling, mould or fungal growth, abrasion and frost damage. It also protects against chemical attacks, including oxide corrosion by acid rainwater, corrosion by salt and other climatic coastal and marine conditions.
Although designed for AC730 and AC830, Flexiguard Sealer can also be used for AC100.



Physical form/appearance:    Liquid
Colour:                                    Slightly yellowish, slightly cloudy
Odour:                                     Almost odourless
pH:                                           Value (500g/l) @ 20°C ca. 4
Density:                                   ~1.0g/cm3
Boiling point/boiling range:    97°C.
Solubility in water:                  Soluble @ 20 ° C
Flashpoint:                              > 66°C



We recommend that Flexiguard Sealer is spray applied as a mist coat onto the surfaces of AC730, AC830 and AC930. It is important to ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any grease or oil.


The existing surface quality is preserved, becoming highly water and grease repellent, and resistant to ingrained soiling, mould, and fungal growth. Contaminates are unable to adhere to the surface. Cleaning becomes much easier and less frequent – typically requires 50-70% less often – and withstands high-pressure cleaning (up to 50-60 Bar). The lifespan of the substrate is extended because of reduced cleaning cycles. The surface remains clean and will not discolour

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