We are the UK's #1 Supplier of Plaster of Paris, and Maintain the Highest Standards of Quality and Reliability

We’ve been stockists of the highest quality Saint-Gobain BPB Formula & Prestia Siniat casting plasters since 1977.

With a long, established history of reliability and expertise we have become the UK’s go-to supplier of casting plasters and associated industries.

Industrial Plasters Ltd

Established in 1977 as South Western Industrial Plasters, and becoming a Limited Company in 2014, Industrial Plasters Ltd is a dedicated and experienced supplier of British Gypsum/BPB/Saint-Gobain Formula and Siniat Prestia casting and fibrous plasters (commonly known as Plaster of Paris), and other related moulding and casting materials.  We believe in friendly, rock-steady customer service and throughout our extensive experience have built up our reputation for, and motto of:

Proven Reliability!

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