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Firebrick Grog 0-3mm Refractory Aggregate


Size: 25kg
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Crushed firebrick makes an excellent aggregate for a castable refractory, e.g. high heat refractory concrete. This type will survive in real high heat and can be used for hot-face applications.

The mix of Firebrick Grog, which is a refractory or heat-resistant aggregate, mixed with a heat-resistant cement, like Cement Fondu, is often referred to as castable, which is suitable for making pizza ovens and other outdoor ovens.

I don’t want to disappoint but we are not experts on pizza ovens, bread ovens or other outdoor ovens and don’t have the answers to questions about how best to make such! - there is much online information and videos that will help you. We have no experience in making these ovens…yet…I want to give it a try one day!

The recommended mix of Firebrick Grog and Cement Fondu is 4 parts Grog to 1 part Cement.

Firebrick Grog is also suitable for the roman block method of mould making.

What is a hot face?

A hot face is any surface facing the main heat generated by a heat source (e.g. wood fire, gas burner, electrical heating spiral & other heat-producing elements.) Internal walls, floor and arches made from firebricks inside a pizza oven is hot face. Firebricks face the heat, the hot flames from the wood fire and the red-hot embers. Refractory concrete can face the heat, therefore, applied as a hot face.

 Cement Fondu is a Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC) also known as High Alumina Cement (HAC) which has several specific properties, including quick setting and excellent resistance to heat, thermal cycles and abrasion.

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