Gelcoat Resin

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Size: 1kg
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This product requires a resin catalyst! Please see our MEKP Resin Catalyst.

Gelcoat Resin is a thixotropic pre-accelerated clear polyester Gelcoat Resin used to create a smooth surface for fibreglass moulds. Use in combination with our General Purpose Resin, which is a polyester laminating and casting resin.              

Gel time: 15 min
Cure time: 25 min

Requires MEKP Resin Catalyst which should be added at 2% (2:100 Catalyst: Resin) - this needs to be measured fairly accurately so we recommended you purchase a Measuring Syringe for small amounts or a Catalyst Dispenser for larger amounts. These are both available from us.

  • 1kg Resin requires 20g MEKP Resin Catalyst
  • 5kg Resin requires 100g MEKP Resin Catalyst
  • 20kg Resin requires 500g MEKP Resin Catalyst

Tag: Gel coat

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