Jesmonite Sealers Explained

We have a good selection of Jesmonite Sealers that will guarantee protection for select Jesmonite composites. 

Flexiguard Sealer (AC730, AC830)

• Flexiguard Sealer is a solvent-free, stain-resistant formula specifically designed to coat porous substrates such as Jesmonite AC730 and AC830. 

• Once applied, a protective layer less than 100-nm thick bonds with the inner pores of the substrate to leave a smooth, anti-stain, non-discolouring surface layer.

• It will not peel or flake and is unaffected by extremes of temperatures from -20°C to +350°C, making it ideal when creating things like wax burners or candle holders.

• Specially designed for AC730 and AC830.

Acrylic Sealer (AC100, AC200, AC300)

• This is a general-purpose, clear acrylic sealer designed for use on all Jesmonite composite materials, but it particularly suited to AC100, AC200 & AC300, where it will provide extended surface durability.
• It can be diluted, and pigments can be added to create colour washes to apply effects such as ageing to the surface of Jesmonite objects.

• Retains the critical attribute of flexibility that is sympathetic to the natural thermal and moisture movement of Jesmonite.

• Can be used to give a clear satin or matt finish. It is also possible to create colour washes for patination.
Penetrating Sealer (AC730, AC830)
• Provides invisible protection against water and oil and also provides stain resistance against many liquids and environmental contaminants. 

• Specially designed for AC730 and AC830.

• We recommend that two coats of Penetrating Sealer should be applied to the surface of Jesmonite cement-based materials. The second coat is applied once the first coat is touch-dry. Do not allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.
Thank you for reading! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any queries you may have on any product. 

Gloss Sealer (New) (All Composites)
A pure acrylic coating compatible with all Jesmonite composites, from AC100 to AC830. It’s a durable, flexible product designed with the inclusion of a specially formulated Gloss finish.

• Increased Water & Stain Resistance
• Easily Applied, Various Methods
• High Gloss Finish
• Cross Product Compatibility






Hello Jodie,

Thank you very much for your query. To answer your question; we can’t advise on specific applications, users are responsible for their own suitability tests. We can however suggest you use AC730 primarily because of it being a cement-based product, so least flammable. Flexiguard sealer will add a layer of protection, protecting it up to 350 degrees celsius (figures from Jesmonite).

Hope this helps!

Jodie mclaughlin

Jodie mclaughlin

Hi is this product flammable and fire resistant? I’m looking for a jesmonite dealer for candle vessels

Thank you

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