Introducing ArtTV

We have rebranded our best-selling RTV silicone to ArtTV Silicone. This change is cosmetic only and doesn't affect the product in any way. 

ArtTV Silicone is a high-strength RTV silicone moulding compound ideal for moulds for plaster and Jesmonite and most other modelmaking applications. Moulds made from ArtTV Silicone will give high-quality reproduction with virtually no shrinkage and with excellent release properties. ArtTV Silicone has been designed to be easy to mix by hand with a colour-coded catalyst to offer a visual aid to ensure the mixing is complete.

The two components mix easily and because of their low viscosity, ArtTV Silicone can be used without the use of a vacuum chamber. ArtTV Silicone also can be thickened with Silastic Thixo Additive to enable you to make skin moulds and to mould in situ on site.

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