Microdol Filler (Special Order) (MOQ 48)

Size: Fine (H60) 25kg
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Due to restrictions with supply, we can no longer ship this product individually. If you would like to order this product, please contact us, but please note the minimum order amount is 48 (palletised).

Microdol is a pure white dolomite filler powder and is ideal as a general white filler for resin casting. Also it is also widely used for producing marble finishes with Jesmonite, cement and plaster, etc.

Microdol is a white crystally material, it has a sparkle to it, a bit like sugar - making it ideal for producing white marble effects. Being pure white maintains the colour when pigments are used.

As a general-purpose filler for Resin Casting it will reduce exotherm and shrinkage allowing for larger castings. It is also often added to reduce the cost of resin casts, as can be added at 40-50% by weight.

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