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Please note: We offer this service locally subject to postcode eligibility. Please contact us if you are interested.

GypsumGo is our waste gypsum plaster disposal and recycling service. Since 2009 gypsum has been banned from normal landfill, so this means you cannot mix and dispose of gypsum along with normal household or commercial waste.

If gypsum is mixed with other biodegradable waste in a normal landfill then hydrogen sulphide gas can be released. Hydrogen sulphide is a toxic colourless, flammable gas with a very distinct foul odour – rotten eggs. Exposure to hydrogen sulphide can lead to some adverse health effects such as breathing difficulties, discolouration of the skin and eye irritation.

The answer!

Using our GypsumGo waste plaster disposal service, any dry/set plaster waste including dental/orthodontic study models can legally and easily be disposed of. Using this service, you can be sure of the total destruction of models, along with the fact that the material gets recycled, not merely dumped into a landfill.  Please be aware we do not currently offer a disposal service for plaster-trap/sludge waste.

We provide you with a 25ltr strong plastic bucket with a lid to discard all your plaster waste into, once you have filled your GypsumGo bucket you can call us to order a replacement and we will come and deliver the empty and collect the bucket of waste material for recycling.

Do you have a one-off clear-out of archive models in mind?  Feel free to contact us with any questions like this, we'd be glad to provide a solution that fits your need.

However, we're not currently able to provide GypsumGo nationally, please contact us to check if you're eligible for the service.

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