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Due to changes in UK law, we can no longer ship this product to customers without a valid licence to purchase the product.

To acquire one of these licences, you can visit this link.

Our Methylated Spirits are clear industrial methylated spirits for general purpose cleaning and for making and thinning of Shellacs Sealers, and for thinning spirit-based paints, French polish and knotting products.

High Quality 94% clear industrial Methylated Spirits, virgin alcohol prepared for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Methylated Spirits are less aggressive than Acetone but will often remove grease, adhesives, etc. When used for cleaning, always test compatibility before use on any surface.

Commonly mixed with Shellac Flakes to make Shellac sealers and also used to thin Shellac Sealers.

It is also a good solvent, cleaner and degreaser when preparing surfaces before adhesives, Sealants and silicones to ensure a good key.

This product is an Industrial Denatured Alcohol, which is a type of Ethanol. Also known as IMS94.


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