A common question we get is people asking us about what shellac sealer will best suit their needs. Here's some key information that will help you make an informed decision!

Industrial Plasters' own brand Shellac Sealer:
A traditional brown shellac sealer, specially blended to be ready to use without the need for dilution.

Jenkins Transparent Shellac Sealer S055:
One of the most popular Shellac Sealers, the key benefit over other shellac sealers is it can be also used on damp plaster but still gives a long-lasting coat.

Jenkins Pure Shellac Varnish S007:
Is a high-quality shellac that can be used neat or is concentrated enough to be diluted with methylated spirits. We recommend it is applied to dry plaster, rather than damp.

Clear Shellac Sealer:
Is a very high-quality shellac that is colourless and transparent, ideal when a clear sealer or finish is required to retain the original colours of the item being sealed.

We hope you found this informative! If you would like any information at all regarding our products or mould-making in general, please contact us, and we will respond as soon as we can.
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