Biresin G26 Fast Cast Resin

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Size: Part A (Resin) 1kg
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PLEASE NOTE: Both parts A + B are required for use!

Biresin G26 is a high quality, fast cast resin. A 2 part polyurethane casting resin which is widely used for pattern and model making. It has an easy to use 1:1 mix ratio and has a very low viscosity, so the good followability will pick up the finest of detail from your mould. Although Biresin G26 is pre-filled, so is not normally used with any added filler, it can be filled for some applications. Beige in colour.

The cast produced by Biresin is extremely tough and practically unbreakable, even when cast very thin, making it ideal for casting small and delicate models.

G26 Setting Times

Pot life:                   3-4 minutes

Demould time:       30 minutes

We also stock Biresin G27 which is similar but with a quicker Pot life and Demould time. G26 and G27 can also be blended to achieve different set-time, strength and hardness.

Both components must be shaken well before use. Please also pay attention to dry conditions and dry mould surfaces while processing.

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