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Requires curing agent / catalyst - Clear Version & Pigmented Version Available

SILASTIC 3481 is a high-strength RTV silicone moulding compound ideal for moulds for plaster, Jesmonite, resin and most other modelmaking applications. Moulds made from SILASTIC 3481 have a Shore A of about 20 and will give high-quality reproduction with virtually no shrinkage and with excellent release properties. SILASTIC 3481 has been designed to be easy to mix by hand with a colour-coded catalyst to offer a visual aid to ensure the mixing is complete.

The two components mix easily and because of its low viscosity SILASTIC 3481 can be used without the use of a vacuum chamber. SILASTIC 3481 also can be thickened with Silastic Thixo Additive to enable you to make skin moulds and to mould in-situ on site.

Different hardness's are achieved with the 5% Silastic Curing Agent, see the Curing Agent details for more information.

Features & Benefits

As a guide, the yield (or coverage) of 1kg Silicone is 1290 cm2 at 6mm deep.

  • Outstanding release properties
  • High flowability and long working time
  • Medium hardness
  • High tear resistance
  • High elasticity, for easy removal of, complex replica parts
  • Can be made thixotropic (non-flowable) for vertical surface replication
  • Choice of curing agents and catalyst for all applications

SILASTIC 3481 can be used with 2 types of catalyst / curing agents, the Silicone Catalyst 10% being the most popular;

Silicone Catalyst 10% is coloured red making mixing easier and is available in 3 speeds;


Working time

Cure Time


40 minutes

10 hours

Very Fast

15 minutes

3 hours


120 minutes

24 hours


Silastic Curing Agents 5% is a clear catalyst and is available in 3 speeds;

Curing Agent Speed

Working time

Cure Time

81-F    (Fast)

30 minutes

6 hours

81-VF (Very Fast)

10 minutes

2 hours

81-R   (Resin/Slow)

90 minutes

19 hours

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