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Plastilin is a wax-based plasticine which is permanently malleable and almost odourless, making it ideal for modelling in workshops, schools and for craft and play.

After a short time, Plastilin becomes supple and easy to shape, so that beautiful results can be achieved quickly. There are no creative limits to this high-quality product.

Available in hard and soft grades that can be mixed with each other, enabling you to achieve the hardness you require. The Soft grade is an ivory colour, softer and more malleable, so is easier to use by hand.  The Hard grade is grey and can be better for working in fine detail.

Plastilin is very easy to shape and work with at elevated temperatures and is dimensionally stable at room temperature.

Plastilin is sulphur-free and is made of micro-waxes, such as those used for food and cosmetic products, it contains no preservatives, is food-safe, non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and gluten-free.

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