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Ideal for both casting and sculpting, Ciment Fondu is widely used by sculptors because it is extremely hard and quick setting and gives superb detail. Using Ciment Fondu and a stone aggregate for a concrete mix has replaced stone for certain types of work. Because it is cheap, hard, tough, and durable, it is particularly suitable for large outdoor projects, especially decorative wall surfaces and with proper reinforcement it permits great freedom of design. By using techniques similar to those of the building industry, sculptors are able to create works in concrete on a large scale.

Ciment Fondu is a fine high alumina casting cement which achieves its full strength in 24 hours, it has a working time of approximately 2 hours. The Grey is a dark grey/brown colour, White being slightly off-white.

Also available in White, see Cement Fondu (White).

The main industrial use for Grey Ciment Fondu is as follows;

Ciment Fondu is used in a wide range of applications:

  • As a reagent in formulated products
  • As a hydraulic binder base for refractory and specialty concrete
  • As an accelerator for Portland cements.

When it is used on its own or as a hydraulic binder base for speciality concretes, Ciment Fondu can produce a number of specific properties:

  • Quick setting
  • Excellent resistance to heat, thermal cycles and abrasion.

Unlike Portland cement, Ciment Fondu does not release lime during hydration. This property gives it good chemical resistance to acid corrosion and to a large number of aggressive substances.

Numerous applications in the civil engineering sector include:

  • In refractory applications, Ciment Fondu is primarily used in concrete insulation. When used in combination with suitable aggregates, it can be used at temperatures of up to 1,250° C.
  • In formulated products used in building chemistry, Ciment Fondu is used as a reagent or as the main binder for a vast array of products, including fast-setting mortar, tile adhesive, self-levelling products, etc.
  • Ciment Fondu is also used by tradesmen as an accelerator for Portland cement in rapid-sealing work and minor repairs. Mixtures of Ciment Fondu and Portland cement must not be used for structural purposes.

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