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G400E Perlite MicroSphere Lightweight Filler

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Size: 15kg
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G400E Perlite MicroSphere is a naturally expanded perlite mineral composed of fine hollow particles. It is white and extremely lightweight making it an ideal filler for use in plasters, resins and Jesmonite to reduce the weight of casts. It also acts as a thixotropic to thicken plaster and resins into a paste.

15kg is approximately 60ltrs in volume and is safe and easy to use, a non-toxic fine powder with a low dust factor.

G400 can be used for;

  • Making lightweight castings, reducing weight by +/- 50% without seriously compromising hardness and strength.
  • Increasing the viscosity of casting and mould materials
  • Use as a thixotropic for plaster, resin and Jesmonite making a paste consistency
  • Use as a general bulking agent for large castings

When used with plaster a 1:1 mix by volume G400 and Plaster the resultant cast weighs approximately 50% less than a solid plaster cast when dry. It should be remembered that water demand, hardness, setting times, expansion and drying times will all be different than when using neat plaster, so a trial is recommended.


Bulk Density:             195 kg/m3

Solubility:                   Insoluble in water and solvents

Surface pH:                7.0

Melting point:           1260 oC

Reaction to fire:        A1

Unlimited shelf life provided the product is kept in a protected environment.

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