Silastic™ 3487 Silicone Base (Special Order)

Size: 20kg
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Notice: We do not keep this product in stock, but we can acquire it quickly for those who want it. Please get in touch to order.

This product requires a curing agent, please see our Silastic Curing Agents (5%).

Silastic 3487 has been uniquely formulated to produce a very soft mould, whilst maintaining a very high level of tear strength and other properties. Ideal for one-piece moulds. Requires Silastic Curing Agent.

As a guide, the yield (or coverage) of 1kg Silicone is 1290 cm2 at 6mm deep.

  • Base Colour: White
  • Mix Ratio: 100:5
  • Hardness: 8-10
  • Tensile Strength (MPA): 3
  • Also available in 1kg and 5kg - please contact for more details.

Curing Agent - 1kg Base requires 50g, 5kg Base requires 250g and 20kg Base requires 1kg.

Silastic Curing Agents 5% is a clear catalyst and is available in 3 speeds;

Curing Agent Speed

Working time

Cure Time

81-F    (Fast)

30 minutes

6 hours

81-VF (Very Fast)

10 minutes

2 hours

81-R   (Resin/Slow)

90 minutes

19 hours

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