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Lifecasting Alginate

SKU: ALG07301

Type & Size: Standard 550g
Setting Speed: Slow Set
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General Description (Applies to both Standard & Chromatic)
Our dental-grade Lifecasting Alginates are flexible impression materials suitable for hand application onto the skin. They quickly produce a single-use mould and is typically used for baby/adult hand and feet casting work. Both types of Alginate can produce fine detail reproduction down to creases in hands and fingernails and other minute parts.

Please scroll to view the relevant description of your chosen Alginate type/set speed.

Standard Alginate (550g) Description
Our Standard Alginate is a pale yellow hue and includes a pleasant peppermint aroma.

As a guide, one 550g pack is sufficient to mould a baby's or infant's hands. We recommend 2-3 bags for adults.

Standard Alginate is stocked in 2 setting times;

Standard Slow Set:

  • Working Time: 1 minute
  • Set Time: 4 minutes

Standard Fast Set:

  • Working Time: 1 minute
  • Set Time: 2 minutes

Chromatic Alginate (454g) Description
Chromatic Alginate is easy to use because it changes colour at each stage of the process giving you a visible indicator of how much time is left to work with at each stage, from mixing to applying, to setting. 

The Alginate is white during the mixing stage. As it sets, a pink hue will appear and will become more visible. Once the Alginate is a darker pink and hard it is ready to be cast from.

As a guide, one 454g pack is sufficient to mould a baby's or infant's hands. We recommend 2-3 bags for adults.

Chromatic Alginate is stocked in 2 setting times;

Chromatic Slow Set:

  • Working Time: 3mins 10secs
  • Setting Time:   3mins 45 secs

Chromatic Fast Set:

  • Working Time: 1min
  • Setting Time:   1min 45secs

How Alginate can be used for Special FX prop-making:

  1. Mould Creation: Begin by mixing Alginate with water to create a mould. Quickly apply it to the desired area or object, ensuring that it captures every detail. Alginate's rapid setting time ensures you won't miss any subtleties.

  2. Casting: Once the Alginate mold is set, carefully remove it. The mould is now ready to be used for casting various materials, such as plaster or silicone, to create your special effects props.

  3. Custom Prosthetics: Alginate can be directly applied to a model's body to create custom prosthetic pieces, such as facial masks, wounds, or body parts. It's perfect for producing lifelike injuries, alien creatures, or any other imaginative creations.

  4. Paint and Finish: After casting your special effects props, you can paint and finish them to perfection, achieving the desired look, texture, and colour. Alginate's detail-capturing properties ensure a stunning end result.

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