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Jesmonite® AC730 Kits

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Composite Material: Portland Stone
Kit Size: 6kg Kit (5kg Base + 1kg Liquid)
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Jesmonite AC730 is a rapid-setting acrylic polymer-modified cementitious composite. It is a shrinkage-compensated material of low permeability and is durable in all conditions of external weathering. The compound is alkali-free and as such is free from the efflorescence associated with Ordinary Portland Cement-based systems. The product contains a fine decorative aggregate and powder pigments, carefully controlled to give a consistent decorative surface finish after treatment with a proprietary brick cleaner or acid etch. It is supplied as two components, a water-based acrylic liquid, and a blended powder.

You have a working time of approximately 20 minutes, depending on size and complexity, the cast should be left in the mould for a further 2½ – 3½ hours and achieves over 90% of its ultimate strength in the first 24 hours.



Mix Ratio 5:1 (Powders to Liquids)

Wet Density 1950 kg/m3

Dry Density 1850 kg/m3

Other Properties

Water Uptake/Porosity BS EN 1170-6 2.26%

Freeze-Thaw Resistance DD CEN/TS 12390-9 300 cycles (normal max 56 cycles)

Fire resistance B.S.476 Part 6&7 Class ‘O’ *

Dimensional Stability BS EN 1170-7 Shrinkage = 0.83/Expansion = 1.28

Weathering/Durability BS EN ISO 4982 1008 Hrs

Compressive Strength BS EN 12390-3 58Mpa (N/mm²)

Flexural Strength BS EN 1170-5 LOP 8.9Mpa – MOR 23.6Mpa

Application Areas

Glass-reinforced decorative architectural mouldings, and small castings. Glass reinforcements such as Jesmonite Quadaxial fabric or 13mm Glass Chopped Strands can be utilised for lightweight, high-impact panels. It can also be used to create Garden ornaments and statuary and is suitable for water features. 

Key Attributes

Improved flexural strength and stability

Excellent Abrasion resistance and impact strength

High Compressive and tensile strength

Rapid curing and high early strength gain

Shrinkage compensated and dimensionally stable 


As a basic rule Jesmonite liquid containers should be kept well sealed to prevent water evaporation and skin forming. They should be stored at a constant temperature between 5-25oC and used within twelve months. Freezing must be avoided. Powders should be kept dry and stored at 5-25oC.

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